Laptop case for Adhini,Jatibening

Jasmine and aladin!!!....Light Turquoise
Product name: Laptop case 10",Light Turquoise/Purple
Product code:LP10LtP

Laptop case for Vanie, Surabaya

hello vanie...ur purple is done!!...
Product name: Laptop case 10", Purple/Black
Product code: LP10PpB

Laptop case for Rachma, Jakarta

cute fuchsia for Rachma - Jakarta
Product name: Laptop case 12", Fuchsia/Light Blue
Product code: LP12FLb

Laptop case for Eka, Jakarta

Hello Eka!!....purple purple .... ready now!!
Product name: Laptop case 10", Purple/Black
Product code: LP10Ppb

Laptop case for Kun Kanthi, Surabaya

Hello, this is my new color for Kun Kanthi, Surabaya. Maritjee on Green!! :D
well it's done!
Product name: Laptop case 11,6", Lime Green/Orange
Product code: LP11,6LgO

Laptop case for Irma, Jember

Laptop case 10 " for Irma, Jember , made of rice bale
Product name: Laptop case 10", Red/Black
Product code: LP10rb

New stuff in May!!

A hand bag made of burlap, diameter 30 cm,...Fresh!!!
Product name : Hand bag 30cm, burlap/brown
Product code : Hb30bb