alex and georgia

well ....they r my new friend, alex and georgia...they r nieces` of James who order the bags for them, thank u so much louise to send the pic, glad too dear!!! have a nice x-mas!!!

this is james` order, for his cute nieces alex and georgia,...yeah ready to fly to aussie ,merry X-mas and happy new year alex,georgia and Louise ,... mwaahhh..

it's so surprising me,...a friend give me an award,awww..thanks andree whatever the so flattered!!!!

I'm tryin make a bag from a bale of rice,hehehe... it's fun... nice doing artwork in uncommon media,...see the different before and after,... :)

acrylic,water colour and pencil colour on paper 21 x29,7 cm

This artwork is tributed for James, a friend from London ,hope u happy with this, in time it's gonna in ur hand . Soon!! :)

THE GIGGLE LAMB get ready to finishing new project, "The Giggle Lamb"....Aww..thanks Tomm and Erin for helping me to make my dream come true,...upss..our dream exactly... lol.. the below one is tribute for u two, u guys !! T&E Shine..


This is one of my submissions for NOMA. It's based on a Javanese folk story called JAKA TARUB, and it is illustrated in my own style. Yeah finnaly done...hehehe... ssstt.. u know before it`s sent to NOMA, a friend from Aussie living in London helps me with my English painting captions...hihihihi....thanks James!!


wooow...This is kind of a big surprise for me. This morning I just heard from a friend TRUSKA from Portugal that I've been nominated for this! Yippee...thanks TRUSKA...big big hug from Indonesia.

diary sketch

dreamin' of an ice cream party

it`s time to have fun with friends...

this is tribute for a friend from NZ that he is greedy alot..hehehhee....

When i lost my forest...

my dad n mom, happy ever

dari atas, ki-ka: deretan customedBRA yang udah dihias sebelum workshop, gadis penjual BRA seraya memohon : ada yang mo beli buuu`??hehehehe..., saat persiapan..fiuuhhh...capeeeek