A bag for Amilia-Surabaya

nice gift for a nice friend from a super duper nice friend*secret. wink

Christmas package for Judy- Aussie

TBM2 Avocado
SB1 Purple
SPS1 Pink
RBS1 Avocado

Whole stuff above are made from rice bale material,..a package for x-mas for a friend in Aussie, Merry Christmas!!!!


handpainted pencilcase made from rice bale material
a double phone wallet,made from burlap material,Felli is the first one who own it...thanks darlaaaa

My Comming Exhibition

Fairybale Exhibition with Maria Goretti E.M (Maritjee)
opening: December 14,2010
Exhibition: December14, 2010 - January7,2011
at CCCL Surabaya

iPhone ,iPod Case and Pillow case for Subroto-Surabaya

Hi Guys this is my first iPhone n iPod Case for Subroto ...my great college mate (ricebale material,handpainted)

pillowcase 40x40 cm ,burlap ricebale handpainted

laptopcase for Nanda -Surabaya

Laptop case 10' handpainted ,ricebale material
Product name: Laptop case 10",Fuchsia/ light blue
Product code:LP10FLb

NEW STUFF!!! Small bag

Available Color
small pouch made from rice bale material ,dimension: 18x13x5.5 cm 

HANDPAINTED product code: SPS1

Pillowcase for Erika - Jakarta

My first Custom Pillowcase for a friend from Jakarta,made from used burlap combine with used rice bale...glad that she love it,..thanks Erika!! You `re the first one who have it!!!

Talkshow in Suara Surabaya Radio

Thanks guys have responded positively the talkshow "Maritjee" on Suara Surabaya Radio

Laptop case for Ika,Bekasi

laptop case for Ika-Bekasi,nice stuff for nice girl :)
Product name: Laptop case 10",Black/ Navy Blue
Product code:LP12BNb

Laptop case for Rachma,Jakarta

 jasmine and aladin for Rachma-Jakarta,..thanks dear!
Product name: Laptop case 12",Turquoise/ Pink

Product code:LP12TP

lolibag for Fikri, Surabaya

Brown loli bag for Fikri,....

A laptopcase for Suranti, Semarang

I'm trying to transform and apply her character to laptopcase medium,..enjoy it!
Product name: Laptop case 14",Pink/ Green
Product code:LP14PG

a bag for Bojana,London-UK

Hello dear,nice to know you ,hope you like it! ready fly to UK!! :D

laptopcase for Inda W,Kupang-NTT

a laptopcase 14 " made of used rice bale, a special stuff for special friend in NTT..Helloo NTT!!!
Product name: Laptop case 14",Red/White
Product code:LP14RW

Bag for Kartika aka Cebong, Surabaya

finnaly done!!....custom bag for cebong,Surabaya, ricebale material

Skateboard case for Abe - Malang

Yo ma man!!! first skateboardcase I made for a sk8er from Malang... Yow yow yow!!

Laptop case for Adhini,Jatibening

Jasmine and aladin!!!....Light Turquoise
Product name: Laptop case 10",Light Turquoise/Purple
Product code:LP10LtP

Laptop case for Vanie, Surabaya

hello vanie...ur purple is done!!...
Product name: Laptop case 10", Purple/Black
Product code: LP10PpB

Laptop case for Rachma, Jakarta

cute fuchsia for Rachma - Jakarta
Product name: Laptop case 12", Fuchsia/Light Blue
Product code: LP12FLb

Laptop case for Eka, Jakarta

Hello Eka!!....purple purple .... ready now!!
Product name: Laptop case 10", Purple/Black
Product code: LP10Ppb

Laptop case for Kun Kanthi, Surabaya

Hello, this is my new color for Kun Kanthi, Surabaya. Maritjee on Green!! :D
well it's done!
Product name: Laptop case 11,6", Lime Green/Orange
Product code: LP11,6LgO

Laptop case for Irma, Jember

Laptop case 10 " for Irma, Jember , made of rice bale
Product name: Laptop case 10", Red/Black
Product code: LP10rb

New stuff in May!!

A hand bag made of burlap, diameter 30 cm,...Fresh!!!
Product name : Hand bag 30cm, burlap/brown
Product code : Hb30bb

Laptop case for Hernita Sari, Palembang

This laptop bag is for Hernita Sari from Jakarta... :)
It is made from rice bales ,handpainted.
Product name: Laptop case 12",Light blue/pink
Product code: LP12Lbp

Laptop case for Irma,Jakarta

Huup,....finally done!! a laptopcase 10" for Irma - Jakarta made of used balerice...with long handle, this is the first laptopcase I made this type.
Product name: Laptop case 10", Red/Black
Product code: LP10rb

Laptop case for Ujie,Depok

Hi my dearest Ujie-Depok,... here ur cute laptopcase 7" , so small!! ..It`s my first time doing this size girl!! hope u like it :)
Product name: Laptop case 7", Fuchsia/pink
Product code: LP7fp

Laptop case for Indriani,Surabaya

a bale rice laptopcase 10inch for Indriani Farianita - Surabaya,...well.... It`s done dear!!
Product name: Laptop case 10", pink/brown
Product code: LP10pBr

Laptop case for Nike Rasyid,Palembang

H ..this is new stuff for Nike Rasyid - Palembang... laptopcase 14 inchi,..be patient dear!!! the stuff gonna in ur hand soon!!
Product name: Laptop case 14", blue/pink
Product code: LP14bp

Laptop case for Sheilla, Jakarta

hello guys,this is my commision for sheilla-Jkt,...thanks dear, have u got the stuff yet??
Product name: Laptop case 14", pink/brown
Product code: LP14pBr

Burlap New Stuff March '10

Laptopcase 14",used burlap material

Ouval burlap bag ,diameter 23 cm,used burlap material
Product name: Hand bag ouval/burlap
Product code: HBOvbp

Laptop case for Fenty,Surabaya and Thomas,New Zealand

Product name: Laptop case 14", red/royal blue
Product code: LP14rRb

For Thomas Reman New Zealand, laptop case 14" ,bale rice material
Product name: Laptop case 14", black/red
Product code: LP14br

man Laptopcase

above is man laptopcase for mass production

This is personal order for my college mate Rengganis , man laptop case edition, 14"