Valentine edition!!!


Hand Painted!!
done!!! laptop case for james ,London ,will ready to be sent!!!
above is nature theme, green theme, size 10 inch.
any of u wanna order???call me for pricing!!! :)

big bags

beach bags for Iris NSW - Aussie, made of bale rice 50x70 cm


pencil case x-mas edition, hand painting for dearest elshah NSW-Aussie, made of bale rice

Asyma again :)

Asyma..asyma..asyma....well well...well ...thanks dear , here ur second bag....mwaaaahh my new friend

bag for asyma

this is Asyma's bag, she is the first Indonesian who own my bag, congraaaaaaaat dear!!!

finnally James frammed my pic......thanks thanks James!!!! Love it!!

spirit of freedom comic exhibition

Interview session by TV station, MNC Group.

the artist and crew

comic in bags medium

a bag for Iris NSW, Aussie,...happy birthday Elshah!!!Wish u all the best dear!!

a bag for erin and tomm

a bag for erin and tommy shine Virginia-US ,thanks for everythin guys!!! love u two!!:)