Happy October

A messenger bag made from burlap, Indonesian traditional fabrics,combined with genuine leather, fully lined with suede fabric.

This Tab Sleeve are combined with Indonesian traditional fabrics, fully lined with suede fabrics,and genuine leather. This item fit for Tab and also can use as organizer wristlet.

Smartphone cases are cute alternative to use the small pieces  material and fabrics.
Made with various color small pieces fabric. It will fit for smartphones, fully lined with an suede fabric and combined with genuine leather. Dimension : 14x18 cm

iPad Sleeve

gadgetcase made from burlap,suede inner ,also available laptopsleeve with same design as above.

Backpack (MJ1309-02)BP Genuine Leather

Hello hello..this is my new backpack product,combine with genuine leather (crazyhorse type),suede inner ,and good quality of the accessories.

Tenun Bali Edition

Travelling Bag
Backpack Bag
Complete your travelling with Maritjee's Tenun Bali Edition

Flo Organizer

Organize your July with Flo Organizer,made from Burlap with genuine leather strap.Dimension: 21x15x3 cm .Very Limited!

Morning Tea Live talkshow at BBS TV Surabaya

Nice talkshow in BBS TVwith Putjok Rizaldy ,finally we meet again in different programme in different TV station

Flo Medium Horizon#3

Burlap with batik pekalongan combination. Batik Pekalongan is traditional fabric from Pekalongan-Central Java-- Indonesia

Mini Travel Bag

Burlap with stripe fabric combination
Burlap with Ulos Combination.Ulos is traditional fabric from Sumatera-Indonesia.“Batak ulos “, known as the identity of the Batak in accordance Culture and customary

Karya Cipta Adinugraha Award

Thanks Surabaya Government for the "Karya Cipta Adinugraha Award",

Flo Medium Horizon

Forget all the bad things you've encountered this week and have a great weekend!!Enjoy your weekend with "Flo Medium Horizon"


Rocky Mini Horizon

NEW !Rocky Mini Horizon,combination with genuine leather,18x21x8cm, UNISEX BAG

Maritjee On T-Shirt #1st edition

Hallooooo,....Hi guys ,do you know Maritjee?Maritjee is not only a brand, now Maritjee comes in the form of the character, so  if you wants to have it,don't be hesitate to call  Maritjee yaa: D, wait for the next edition guys!

College Series

a college series package will completing your daily activities, organizer book,phone case,and a simply tote bag,would be a sweet package ,complete your day wirth College series!
made from burlap and waste genuine leather combination 

Mini Horizon Flo

Hello,This Mini burlap bag " Mini Horizon Flo"  is the perfect accessory for when you wanna look so vintage style, made from ecofriendly material Burlap/Jute combined with vintage fabric style,waste genuine leather and handmade. Dimension: 21x16x8 cm with 135 adjustable strap. Very limited guys!!

Brownee Horizon Wallet

New Various product from Maritjee,dimension: 9,5 x 20,5 cm , genuine leather material

Christmas Gift

Christmas gift for lovely nieces of a friend from Ethiopia