Laptop case for Hernita Sari, Palembang

This laptop bag is for Hernita Sari from Jakarta... :)
It is made from rice bales ,handpainted.
Product name: Laptop case 12",Light blue/pink
Product code: LP12Lbp

Laptop case for Irma,Jakarta

Huup,....finally done!! a laptopcase 10" for Irma - Jakarta made of used balerice...with long handle, this is the first laptopcase I made this type.
Product name: Laptop case 10", Red/Black
Product code: LP10rb

Laptop case for Ujie,Depok

Hi my dearest Ujie-Depok,... here ur cute laptopcase 7" , so small!! ..It`s my first time doing this size girl!! hope u like it :)
Product name: Laptop case 7", Fuchsia/pink
Product code: LP7fp

Laptop case for Indriani,Surabaya

a bale rice laptopcase 10inch for Indriani Farianita - Surabaya,...well.... It`s done dear!!
Product name: Laptop case 10", pink/brown
Product code: LP10pBr

Laptop case for Nike Rasyid,Palembang

H ..this is new stuff for Nike Rasyid - Palembang... laptopcase 14 inchi, patient dear!!! the stuff gonna in ur hand soon!!
Product name: Laptop case 14", blue/pink
Product code: LP14bp